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Developmental Strategies and Goals

Intellectual Development

By providing an environment that facilitates:
  • the development of curiosity, reasoning and problem solving skills
  • concept building skills, classifying, ordering, and determining direction
  • creative endeavors such as art, music, movement, imaginative play, story telling and construction
  • the fostering of a greater understanding of the environment

    Physical Development

  • to promote the development of self help skills
  • encourage good health and safety
  • encourage large motor skills and exercise

    Language Development

  • model good language and listening skills
  • provide opportunities for children to develop receptive and expressive language skills
  • encourage communication
  • encourage fine motor skills

    Emotional Development

    Help children to develop:
  • a positive self concept
  • an accurate perception of self
  • express positive and negative feelings in appropriate ways
  • provide a comfortable atmosphere in which children feel proud of their cultural heritage and cultural sharing in encouraged

    Social Development

  • provide an environment for children to work independently and to share and work cooperatively in small groups
  • to foster positive behavior in children
  • help children appreciate differences and respect the personal feelings and property of others
  • provide opportunities for social interactions that help children develop appropriate skills for social relationships
  • provide experiences that facilitate a child's feelings of belonging to a family, community and the world at large.


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